Covid - 19 Plan

   We always have kept one of the cleanest boat in town. This year we will go above and beyond.

  1. Mask should be worn while loading and unloading and while moving around the vessel from your spot.

  2. All rods and reels will be cleaned after every trip.

  3. Railings and entire boat will be cleaned after every trip.

  4. Hand sanitizer we always had anyway (but we do recommend you bring your own in case of shortage).

  5. Bathroom will get bleached as much as possible during trip and in between trips.

  6. We will be sailing at 1/2 capacity or less depending on bookings. We will social distancing groups and individuals.

  7. We ordering a hand washing sink with foot pedals for on deck. It will have fresh water and antibacterial soap.

  8. And we can do this to keep over one safe still at a great price.